Social Injustice? Me Too!

By: BettyJean Downing

The Majoriy United is about 10 years old now and even with the blockbuster out of Hollywood about the real war on women, we the majority will sit by and allow minority groups to suck all the air out of the room claiming oppression!

Today I saw a brave soul asking women to reply “me too” for the sole purpose of showing the magnitude of the serious problem of social injustice against women that exists in our country.

Of course I replied me too, but I could not leave it at that!

Anyone who knows me knows how long I have been making this clarion call! Thanks to social media, my last ten years of rants are on the web recorded for posterity! I will never have to say, I told you so, just google my name and read my blogs for the past 10 years, it’s all there, but ignored because none so blind as those who refused to see. Listen to my radio shows, it’s all there none so deaf as those who would not hear. Amazing how money, entertainment, sex and drugs have become more important to many of us than the intrinsic values they blur over the course of time and normalization of liberal and progressive morays.

Well, Hollywood’s prostitutes and pimps, advertising moguls and media’s chickens have come home to roost.

Me too , since childhood in every imaginable way. I’ve been speaking out about this since childhood, journaling for about 50 years and openly writing about this for 35 years like a lone voice in the night. It is an open secret! Women are the oppressed, women the majority of society, the majority of whom if allowed to admit it would stagger the nation to its knees!

For years I have reminded readers a thousand of us are murdered each year, cried that scores are smacked around brutally daily, I’ve sent you statistics. Reportedly, women raped every few minutes and clearly laws were passed because women were harassed constantly!

It’s women who should take a knee not blacks who statically are most responsible for violence to black women by 35% and the NFL stinks with that honor.

Yes me too and most every women and girl if honest, can attest to some form of social injustice for no other reason than being female!


By BettyJean Downing

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Women settle for crumbs as politicians continue war against women.

BettyJean Downing

VAWA watered down as part of the war against women, Democrats set the table and Republicans drink the kool-ade! 100 Years Ago, women took to the streets and demanded the right to vote. What will you fight for this year? We the women of the free world are the majority, and yet not only are we not covered under the Constitution of the United States, but we ostensibly need a Violence Against Women Act to protect us. Yet with the new act, we are forced to share what little funds we have with Gay men and non-citizens, as well as with any other peoples our government can find to share the already paltry sum amongst!

Still hanging after all these years? Free us now! ERA to free women - we are the niggers of the world!

Still hanging after all these years? Free us now! ERA to free women – we are the niggers of the world!

How disgusting that we, the women of the greatest country on earth, need an act specifically created to address the violence directed against us in the first place. But now, to have to share it with others totally negates the reason we fought for specific protection in the first place. Is there nothing our government holds sacred for the female majority of the population? Are there not hate crimes in effect for gays? Are there no other recourse acts to be drafted for others in need that we women, who die at the rate of 4 a day, need to share our pitiful sum, stretch our already overtaxed resources to the breaking point, when not even a dent has been made all these years in lowering the staggering numbers of women who suffer and even die from gender related violence? What was wrong with the Violence Against Women Act before the Democrats decided to alter it and force the Republicans to sign on or risk being held responsible for denying women protection? Once again, women are being used as pawns. And once again, we settle for crumbs at the Liberal table! Where oh where were the women while this travesty against women was going on? How many of our own daughters must be slain, battered, and raped before we realize that we have once again laid down for the man and his political machine rather than for our own benefit? CRY for the women who are dying so that the Liberal can continue to allow havoc to be wreaked upon women and blame it on a war coming from someplace else, when it actually comes straight from the liberal table set by the Democrats and their molls! Shame on the conservative men and women who refused to step up and fight for all women—who refuse to expose this travesty for what it is. Shame on all those who repeatedly sell out women in the name of government! Give us an Equal Rights Amendment. Free Us Now!

If enough of us come to the center the majority can rule!

BettyJean Downing


I just heard about and participated in a wonderful  event to bring awareness to domestic violence called RISING started by Eve Ensler- “The Vagina Monologues.” She asked me to spread the word around and I did. Here is my open letter to her asking that she join me and other groups in uniting women. let’s see if there is any reply. As my readers know I have had no luck with most women’s groups who prefer to remain independent and raise money and continue to do what they are doing which in no way has to date changed much of anything. We still make less money- we still have less rights and well we are still being murdered at the rate of 4 a day and now we are losing our children in court. I recently had my life  threatened and the courts saw fit to knock it down to harassment. 33% 1 in 3 women in this country are beaten or raped every day! We have no equal rights in the Constitution, we get paid less to do the same jobs and yet women have allowed themselves to move to the right and to the left as ordered by the menfolk politically ! Go figure! Let’s see if Eve Ensler decides that saving a life might be worth giving up politics and coming to the center to do it! Remember Ladies and gentlemen If enough of us come to the center the majority can rule!

I absolutely spread the word far and wide and made sure all my contacts did the same. I am writing to share how shocked I was that in all my years advocating for women and working in the filed  fighting violence against women – that this is the first time I have heard about ONE BILLION RISING! What a fantastic idea- thank you and please help me and other groups understand how to help make sure every woman and girl is aware of it in time to participate in ONE BILLION RISING 2014.

I am concerned that all women’s groups are not united and therefore our rally cries are not loud enough and powerful enough to shake the foundations of power against us. What can we do to enlist other women’s groups to engage in each other’s causes, to encourage all women to participate in every movement out there that empowers women? What can we do together to show the powers that be we really are a power to be reckoned with? As a whole, women do not present a united front; instead we are the women against violence, mothers against drunks, LGBT, Pro Life, Pro Choice, Anti War etc. etc. When will we just be the majority that we are? When will we again present ourselves as the WOMEN of America

You are absolutely right 33% of us will be beaten or raped, 4 a day in this country are murdered at the hands of a loved one who had beaten them before and was released to kill. About 50 % of us are adamantly against the other 50% politically, which mockingly keeps us politically weakened and unable to hold positions of power at home, on the job or in politics. An even larger percent ( I estimate upwards of 85%) of us is powerless financially because we are not united enough to grab and hold the power to self govern.

We stand at the point of sink or swim, we rally for particular issues and it’s like missing the forest for the trees. We are woman- we are the majority. The violence stops when we have our rights and full power. We won’t have that till we stop fighting amongst ourselves over the issues that were manufactured to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. That old “a house divided against itself cannot stand” is true. Let history teach us and others that united we can overcome. We women are equal and can stand ready to lead and rule our own lives. Let’s demand respect, full equality, an end to violence can only come when we are united as the majority, powerful and voting as one block demanding full rights to self govern. Let the issues remain issues to be dealt with when we are in the position to govern but lets first get in the position to self govern.

Women’s History Month begins on Friday, March 1, 2013 (in 8 days) and ends on Sunday, March 31, 2013. 

Let’s demand a slot every day in honor of women’s history!

Thank you for joining ONE BILLION RISING, V-Day’s most ambitious campaign yet. 

When we started V-Day 14 years ago, we had the outrageous idea that we could end violence against women. Since then, hundreds of thousands of V-Day activists in audiences and on stages in over 140 countries have come together to demand an end to violence against women and girls. The funds we’ve raised together have kept organizations’ doors open, and the issue front and center in local media. 

But still today, the United Nations states that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime that’s more than one billion women and girls alive today. 

V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, showing them exactly what one billion looks like. 

ONE BILLION RISING is a promise that on February 14th, 2013, we will ensure that millions of women and men rise up around the world to say, “ENOUGH. The violence ends NOW.” 

BettyJean, there is so much more to come. But for right now, you can help us launch ONE BILLION RISING with a few simple actions:
Share ONE BILLION RISING with your networks
Sign up for our text message updates in the US by texting BILLION to 50555
Follow V-Day on Facebook and Twitter

ONE BILLION RISING will make the earth move by uniting us through dance across every country.

BettyJean, I look forward to dancing, striking and rising to end violence against women and girls together with you.

In solidarity,

Eve Ensler

Susan B. Anthony Birthday Remembrance

February 15, 2013

Susan Brownell Anthony, born 193 years ago today, dedicated her life to winning for women their political, civil, economic and educational rights. The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections has acquired several artifacts related to the life of Miss Anthony, a resident of Rochester from 1845 until her death in 1906.

Listen to the story of how Susan B. Anthony worked to get women admitted to the University (mp3).

View the livestream of “Susan B. Anthony and the Material World,” presented Carolyn Ducey, Curator of Collections at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, University of Nebraska. From the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies 2013 Humanities Project Series.

One Woman can do anything, but united we end this war between us & against all womankind- let’s UNITE and end it once and for all! IMAGINE the majority United! ~BettyJean Downing Kling 2010~

We need to elect her BUT … Hold her feet to the fire.

BettyJean Downing

As founder of The Majority United (TMU) I get to chat with  many women across the nation about  various issues affecting them . Because TMU is a non partisan organization, women from both sides of the aisle freely express their concerns and we at TMU are in the position to hear how they see things from a political perspective.

The longer I listen to women and how the  two parties have polarized women against their sisters along liberal and conservative ideology the more I am convinced we need our own political party. A party dedicated to equality to all and concerned for the welfare of women and children in general terms rather than narrow special interests. All women deserve equality under the Constitution for example. All women deserve equal pay for equal work and for that matter equal opportunity toward qualifying for any work they chose and qualify to do. All women deserve to be treated with due respect and enjoy the pursuit of happiness without fear of sexual harassment, intimidation, retribution or duress. All women deserve to be free of sexualization by the government, courts, or the media.

As it stands now- we have little representation considering we are the majority of the citizenry and what representation we have is divided along party lines nevermore to be for the benefit of all women. Female representatives are forced to played the all boys club rules or face a fate worse than death. Our halls of justice, seats of power and the like are filled with women who have learned to play the game rather than actually represent womankind. Instead they tow the party line which plies women with narrow promises tailored to keep women in their place. Crumbs are given out to each party’s women in increments enough to keep them quiet.

Women have more in common then they have to fight about and yet the political parties  fail to serve women  on the very issues that matter most, instead they keep them fighting over the most divisive issues.

Evidently it is advantageous for the two parties to keep the majority divided against itself, however, it is clearly damaging to women as a group.  Every other group no matter how large or small enjoys camaraderie and fights for the rights of the group as a whole except women! Instead woman is satisfied to join a minority group or groups and fight for the civil  rights of anything but the majority.

Ironically, in these small groups they manage to win and win big- IMAGINE what they could accomplish as the majority?

Another election will find us voting for women but will we vote on party lines yet again? Sure we will and we will not hold her feet to the fire even though we- as the majority can rule the nation – if only we had the sense to stand together. Female representation stands at about 17%, we deserve 50 %, and what good would it do us if they are just as divided as the men are, and if they are just as deaf, dumb and blind to women’s needs as the men are?

Yes – it is time to vote for more women. Regardless of party vote women into office but before you do – tell them we expect no less than representation of all women from them. No more politics as usual- we want ERA on the table front and center. We want non-partisan politics that serves the nations women not the politicians that are there to serve not be served.

Will Hillary run? Perhaps! Will I vote for her? Probably! Until we get a new party – it doesn’t matter which of these two is in office, they  are two wings of the same party. It’s up to us to demand representation for all our women instead of one half or the other.

Vote for women but hold her feet to the fire!